Neem Trees are Available in Costa Rica Now! 


Neem of Costa Rica
 has trees in stock ready for delivery in the Guanacaste Area. 

Protect you and your loved ones from mosquitos that may carry the Dengue Fever! Let's all do our part to help protect our communities.
Please contact us for details:

J&G Furniture Store, Huacas, Sta, CruzCall ( 506)2653.8519 or (506)8355.1483 or use our Contact Us link.

Choose from Three Sizes


The Neem grows on almost all types of soil including clay, saline, alkaline soils. Unlike other multipurpose tree species, it thrives well on dry, stony, shallow soils. Neem trees will actually improve soil fertitlity .

Neem trees need little water and plenty of sunlight. The tree grows naturally in areas where the rainfall is in the 450 to 1200 mm range.
A Neem tree normally begins to bear fruit at  three years, and should beome fully productive in 10 years. A mature tree can produce an average of 40 kg of fruit a year.

Trees shown here  are
50 cm (left) and 100 cm (right)

Adopt a Neem Tree


You can do your part to add protection from mosquitos as well as shade

to public places (near  squares, soccer fields, schools or beaches, in your village. 
Contact us to purchase a tree an we will do the rest ! $15 per tree

Trees shown here  are
appoximately 200 cm