The Village Pharmacy

The Neem tree has been called "the village pharmacy," because its bark, leaves, sap, fruit, seeds, and twigs have so many diverse uses. This member of the mahogany family has been used medicinally for at least 4,000 years.

Neem(Azadirachta indica) grows in tropical and semi-tropical regions. The branches are wide spread  and can reach a diameter or 15-20 meters.  

Neem trees needs little water and plenty of sunlight. The tree grows naturally in areas where the rainfall is in the range of 450 to 1200 mm. However, it has been introduced successfully even in areas where the rainfall is as low as 200 – 250 mm. This tree is a perfect  fit for the Guanacaste Region of Costa RIca. 
The uses of Neem are remarkably diverse. In Indian poets, call Neem Sarva Roga Nivarin translated means The One That Can Cure All Ailments.  
The sap is used for treating fevers, general debilitation, digestive disturbances, and skin diseases, the bark gum for respiratory diseases and other infections;
the leaves for digestive problems, intestinal parasites, and viral infections; the fruit for debilitation, malaria, skin diseases, and intestinal parasites; and the
seed and kernel oil for diabetes, fevers, bacterial and fungal infections, inflammatory diseases, fertility prevention, and as an insecticide.
Neem Is SAFE AND NATURAL and a great solution for the homeowner with any type of Pest Problem. The Neem Tree can actually help break down the life cycle of the mosquito.

A Natural Defense Against Mosquitos 
and Other Unwanted Insects

Neem Trees can provide  Beautiful Shade 
and are Drought Tolerent

Grow your own Pharmacy!
 see our "Neem Uses" Page 

Fight Dengue One Tree at a Time!

Mature Neem Tree growing in Guanacaste

In almost all regions where neem grows, it is highly appreciated as a shade tree, very often planted in cities, village gardens and along avenues. Its broad crown and dense foliage provide people and animals alike with an ideal shady place that is generally avoided by irksome insects. In many areas in Africa women choose to conduct their daily chores in the shade of neem trees.
Neem Trees are avaiable in  the Guancaste Area Now !

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